Saturday, October 26, 2013

One of the saddest day in our family's life

We were on a 10 day road trip to Florida last week and had awesome weather. Perfect blue skies and just enough heat to give us that last taste of summer I so already miss.  We had a great time at Magic Kingdom, met up with another family and spent the day with them, and mostly just actually took the time to relax and actually enjoy the resort for once while we were away. I've finally come to realize that vacations aren't always good to be on the go all the time to race to see and do as much as we could. That's NOT a vacation. We'd then need a a vacation from a vacation!

We saw tons of pesky geckos ( I didn't step on any squishy ones this time -yuck!) and a little caiman or alligator on our resort's pond!  It never came near people. It just spent its day basking in the sun or waiting for the geese and ducks to get close enough for it to give them a big scare.

We also took a drive out to Clearwater Beach and spent the day there. While we were sitting on the beach, my husband thought he saw a shark!  He was freaking out!  But when it surfaced again shortly after the first glimpse, he realized it was a dolphin!  That was really cool!

We were only with our youngest traveling this time but our eldest son and daughter were home between work and school caring for Bailey, our Portuguese Water Dog. He was a playful big lug of a do who was very intuitive and communicative before we left. He had a bit of a sore leg but nothing that we couldn't contribute to a dog of his age but didn't read the sign that he has been a little more thirsty and peeing frequently than normal recently.

While we were away, he got really ill. I think it may have been the poor diet of combined dog food and table scraps, he was a little overweight but happy nonetheless which may have very possibly lead to his suspected case pancreatis. But apart from this problem, one of his hind legs was unable to bear any weight but not due to any injury or disjointed bones which lead them to believe it may have been cancer, blood clotting,  no circulation or it could have been something else. But first they'd have to deal with the cause of all his symptoms. Any way we put it, he was in a lot of pain in ICU on an IV with pain control meds, unable to walk by the time we got home and to the ER vet.

On Monday, sadly, we had to say good bye to our best friend, who provided comfort and unconditional love to all of our family and friends. We are heartbroken over the loss of Bailey. We could have saved him, but he would not have had the quality of life that a dog deserves and felt it would be selfish to have spent tens of thousands of dollars to sustain our happiness despite the ongoing pain and medications he'd have to endure.

Then the question is, if we have the right to choose to euthanize our pets to relieve them from pain, then why can't we do it for humans instead of having someone live til the end suffering?

Bailey, February 12, 2004-October 21, 2013.
Sadly missed.