Friday, April 20, 2012

The Project: Hallway table

The Hallway table has been driving me crazy for years.  With all the cold drinks, purses, mail, flowers, and everything else you can think of being dumped on it as everyone walks in and out each day, the wood veneer which I once loved really showed that it was well LOVED!  I finally got the guts to start the painting project.  After reading several amazing painting blogs, including , I was inspired, pumped and ready to give it a shot.  What did I have to lose?  After all, it was cheaper than buying a whole new table by far.

First, I had to look for a orbital sander to make my life easier.  I swear, I'm kicking myself for not buying one of these amazing power tools years ago!  With all the sanding before painting the walls around the house over the years, I could have made my life SO MUCH easier!  Live and learn...  I lucked out.  The Ryobi was on sale for $29.99 ($20 off at Home Depot this week!). And it even came with 5 sheets of sand paper to start me off! Luck was on my side! I then purchased along with a lottery ticket, a small can of primer and a small can of paint.  This stuff like the frugal said, DOES really go a long way.  I'm so glad I exchanged the 1 gallon primer for a quart!  So, for under $65 with the sander, I was ready to go...

First, I sanded the top only.  The primer was one that said that it would stick to every surface type.  Ok, I'll take my chances and only sand the top of the table since it had water damage.

These two little quarts of paint after doing the two coats of paint are barely touched.  To do this hallway table, I'll proably end up using less than 1/4 can of paint.

I just sanded the top till smooth.  See all the places where the liquid air freshener spilled and water was spilled from flower vases and condensation from drinks. Of course it wasn't nearly this bad looking but lots of spots had damage.  It didn't help that I bought the useless wood markers to try to fill it in.  You can NEVER make a table top with this much damage look good again with those! As a matter of fact, it actually made it worse! Wasted my money.

So, here it goes...1 thin coat of primer.  I didn't think it was necessary to sand the entire thing down.  Besides, it would have been too much work.  The primer says that it would stick to anything, and it did.

I made sure it was thoroughly dried before applying one think coat of paint.  It was like water.  I used a brush for the primer (but probably would have been easier to use a sponge roller).  I used a sponge roller from the dollar store for the paint and lightly rolled over it making sure there were no apparent lines of paint.  The paints consistency is quite thin, making it easy to lightly roll on.

 It actually does dry pretty quickly.  I came back from the dentist with my daughter and applied a second coat.  You could really see the transformation now!  
 I was pretty excited when I saw what two coats of paint did for it.  Unfortunately, there was a pretty big spot where I didn't lay the primer on thick enough so the area where the wood had been water damaged showed through darker. 

The above picture is after three rolled on coats of paint.  I think maybe one more coat of colour and then a coat of lacquer to protect it from any possible water damage or scratches on the table top. I could hardly wait to see what the finished table will look like!

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