Friday, April 13, 2012

A picture a day...The Great Wall of China/Cream Cheese Pie

I've decided to take a new approach to my long neglected blog. I have been so busy with everyday life that I realized that blogging was going to have to put on the back burner until things got a little less hectic in our lives. While having a little time reading other people's blogs when searching for something, I thought about how much I missed blogging. I guess you could say it's like a journal for myself. A reminder of some of the things that we think that we would never forget. Reading back, I realized how much I had actually forgotten and the inspiration from other bloggers have given me the breath to start again, but this time, slowly easing my way back into blogger world. I think by posting a picture or two a day and writing a little blurb about it without overwhelming myself with long, boring stories which could take hours sometimes, will be the perfect way to start again. But as my husband would probably say, I wouldn't be able to help myself! Well, let's see what happens!

Today's pictures of one of myself and my youngest daughter at The Great Wall taken on our trip just three weeks ago. It was an incredible trip and an incredible sight! The feelings that went through our minds were about the beauty, the reason for The Wall and hardships of the thousands of men that risked their lives building it and the thousands of men that actually lost their lives building this incredible structure. They say that for every step the you take on The Great Wall, a life was lost. It was something that I've always wanted to do since I was a kid. Another thing on the bucket list was but is now too late, was to cruise down the Yangtze River before the Chinese government flooded it along with all it's thousand of years of history to make a much needed dam a few years ago.

The picture below is one of the best and easiest desserts introduced to me by my dear friend Brenda. She experimented on us one night with this scrumptious Cream Cheese Pie!

These two pictures were chosen for my first return-to-blogging today because this day marks the third anniversary of my father's death. So to honour my dad, I dedicate this post to him.

He was just a young 76 years old when he passed away from lung cancer. He came to Canada when he was just a young man in 1952 and said one day he would like to have spent his retiring years back in China. He came here for a better life for his family back home, wife and kids, a lot of sacrifices were made. By the time he and his brother saved enough money to bring their mom to Canada to start a better new life, it was many years later. Sadly, he never saw his mother again. She had passed away in a horrific way when her flight enroute to Canada crashed into Mt. Fuji back in 1966, just before I was born.

My father loved sweets and I'm sure if he were alive today, he would have loved this dessert. This cheesecake would have been a real treat to him. Missing him lots...

Have a great weekend!

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