Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nicholas cooks his first real meal for the family - Shrimp and ham Fried Rice

Nicholas has really been taking an interest in cooking of late,  Actually, he's always had a fondness and "will work for food" attitude ever since I could remember.  At school, the teachers would entice him with food if he finished a task.  Well, that little boy is now a big boy, standing taller than I am at the young age of 14 and already finishing off a fantastic year in his first year of high school.

One of the first things I watched and learned to make as a kid was fried rice.  I remember getting an A+ in Home Ec class in grade 7 because everyone loved my fried rice (even back then) and the way I demonstrated my cooking skills to them.

Fried rice is a simple dish where you generally use up your leftover as not to waste any good food.  Anything goes when it comes to fried rice.  I used to hate it when my mom made it with leftover saucy dishes.  I like my fried rice dry.  When I need something easy and quick, I plan and cook extra rice for the following day, and when I'm ready, (I rarely ever used leftover ingredients in my fried rice), I just open up the fridge and see what there is.  For myself, the basic ingredients are rice, scrambled eggs and green onion.  Those three basics made a good fried rice in itself.  Everything else is a bonus.

He has cooking in his home room every Friday. He thought this was so simple, he even asked the teacher if he could teach them how to make fried rice.  Unfortunately, our school board has become such a stickler for foods brought to school with the nut-free policy that foods that are to be shared (even though they are in high school), has to come from a nut-free facility or the teacher has to prepare and/or bring all the ingredients used.  His teacher doesn't have a rice cooker so he's a little apprehensive in making rice.

In a past post, I did a fried rice with crab and lop cheung (Chinese preserved sausage - pretty much a staple in every Chinese kitchen for emergency meals). Check it out.

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