Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Book Club Christmas Party

Look Karen! You are a published author!!

A few who are dear to us, gather near to us...
The Kitchen Help...(our gracious host, Nancy & dear friend Karen)
Could anyone guess what she the little conical shaped handmade and baked clay item with some red stuff on the underside is used for somewhere in ? Many had creative guesses such as war paint, ashtray, diaphragm, hat, etc. Its lip colour container!Linda was the closest saying it was face paint. She won a beautiful set of ornaments, which in this case, after a few drinks, it can double as earrings and even nipple ring ornaments as well!

A few years ago, 6 to be exact, there were just 4 of us plus hubbies that went out for Christmas dinner and this turned out to be the beginning of our little "Book Club" - minus guys. Each month, we'd decide at the last dinner where and when the next would be. The list has since grown to about 16 great ladies. The thing is, its no longer a book club, but a code word for many of us to retreat for a nice evening without any kids or husbands. We always have a ton of fun, and this year's Christmas get-together was no different.Bonnie sporting part of her new find. I wonder if it was hubby approved...
For someone who has three grown boys, I don't think they'd want to be feeling up this nice silicone mousepad.

This year, 11 of us in all joined in the holiday fun. One of the ladies, dear Nancy, offered to host it and did a wonderful job doing so. Her house is so warm and welcoming and we felt like we were at home! In a beautiful setting, not to mention the beautiful table setting (I would've served everyone with paper plates - at least it would've had Christmas motif!!), great friends, great food, Secret Santa, Christine's Guess-what-this-is game, Karen's cheerful poem - what more could we ask for to make it a perfect evening?
Give me drinks, give me camera, give me cleavage!

With Secret Santa, a gift that could be ANYTHING. You should see some of the fun things that went around. I think these photos will convey what a great time we had.
Look at this great Secret Santa gift - a GIANT bottle of Pinot Grigio, complete with a thong for her and a Santa hat for him!

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