Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm baaaacckk!

Toronto Beaches

Cousins and brothers down at the Beaches
Waiting for the ferry on Lauren's 4th birthday at Centre Island.

A day by the pools with little friends.

In Montreal at the arena where the Habs practice. (My hub's and son's favourite hockey team)

I've been away for a long time. It became a daunting task knowing that I'd have a lot to catch up on. So much has happened and after not blogging for a couple of weeks, I really didn't know where to begin. Then laziness started to set in. And today, I thought... hmmm...maybe I should just put in a short entry.

It was friggin 9C at one point while driving!! In the middle of JULY!!

Well, a quick update. Summer (which weather-wise didn't feel much like summer) came and went. The kids broke my camera little pocket camera AGAIN! That's two in 14 months, the second only being two weeks old, back in August. I don't like cooking and using my SLR in the kitchen with my dirty hands, so that put a damper on things for me. Last week, I ordered another one exactly the same and now have three batteries for back up which is great. I loved the fact that it can shoot in low-light without a flash perfectly, not to mention that the video mode has a clearer image of movies than my Sony DVD handycam. I had even bought a cheapy from Costco and had to return it since I AM a creature of habit and once I get used to something, that's the way it's gotta be, to my own detriment.

An expensive taffy on snow.

A view from the top of Mont Tremblant. (Even colder at the top!)

We had a fun-filled summer, making trips to places around town like the Toronto Beaches, Scarborough Bluffs, Centre Island, the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), Markham Fair, Applefest and apple picking with the family. I even had time to whip up 9 apple crisp pies one afternoon! We also went to made a couple of weekend trips to Ottawa (my hubby did a triathalon with his brothers), then Montreal (to visit family) and then another to Mont Tremblant (believe it or not, I've never been till this summer - it was beautiful but it was WINTER IN JULY! The worse possible week to go). So between soccer games, lots of bbqing, hanging out at home by the pool (used up a lot of gas heating it this summer, too!) and galavanting around town with the kids, it made for a busy, busy summer.
The best are left for last. William being hoisted for the juiciest ones at the top. Apple-picking at Applewood Farms.

Potato sack races at Applefest at the Markham Museum.

The Allman Brothers at the Ottawa Tri. They didn't place this year, but they're still the best in our eyes!

Halloween was also a blast. I guess as our neighbourhood grows older, the kids also grow old along with it. This year, we only had about 30 kids come to the door. That left us with a ton of candy and chips plus what my two kids who went out came back with. This is when an office full of hungry adults come in handy. Out a bunch of stuff went with hubby last week. Better in their tummies, than my arse!
A picnic at Centre Island.

Well, I sent my eldest daughter off to university in September. That was a sad time, but she's only about 1-1/2 hours drive away and guess what?! She's been home visiting EVERY weekend except for the weekend we went to visit, since the beginning of the school year. I don't think she thinks that university life was all that everyone made it out to be. Too bad.

As my eldest goes off to university, my youngest daughter, started Junior Kindergarten this past September as well. She's adapted very well to her new school since she was attending preschool three mornings a week. She was very excited to be in the same school as her two older brothers and is doing very well.

The Markham Fair. She loves these cutout backdrops!

Also, having such a large family, there always seems to be a birthday celebration in our house or at least something to celebrate for every month of the year! My birthday in July, Lauren's in August, September is Ryan, Nicholas in October and William in November. Now we have only Christmas to look forward to. This also means cha-ching and hard on the wallet with all these parties. We also managed to sneak in a trip to Disney World in early October making up summer weather with record high humid temperatures as well! On the way down, we made stops in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky visiting the Kentucky Horse Farms, and then Atlanta, Georgia visiting the World of Coca Cola.

Kentucky Horse Farm. It was beautiful!

"Just me and my dad!"

As for the boys, they seem to be having a problem adjusting to the homework thing. I was in my youngest son's class blasting his teacher for assuming that he is a special needs student before he even tried to help him! This teacher has been teaching 5th grade for a little too long... For as long as I know that he's been there (now all four of my kids have had him as their 5th grade teacher, sadly), he's been teaching 5th grade! WTF?! He doesn't realize that he's all talk and no action and that his program is stale. I don't understand why the principal allows him to remain teaching the same thing over and over and over again. I understand that some teachers are do remain teaching the same grades over but I'm sure they make it more exciting for the kids. I think what the problem with this guy is is that he appears to care about the kids but there is no follow-thru. Like I said, he's all talk. He can't walk the talk. I won't get into the details of the debate last week, but let's just say that when I walked out of the classroom that day, I was furious and my hands were shaking. I have NEVER reamed out a teacher before. I was always afraid of my child being treated unfairly in class, because generally speaking, I'm a chicken.

So, this sort of sums up what I've been up to instead of planting myself in front of the computer.

PS. Did I mention that I lost almost ALL of my digital photos from 2002 to June 2008 off my defective external hard drive after I reformatted my C: drive??!! Good thing I had everything backed up on an online server - it saved the day!

Lauren's 30 second visit with Ariel after a 40 minute wait at Magic Kingdom. It was SO busy for an October day. Don't kids have school???

She was a "good witch" up until the day before she had her party at school. She wanted to be a "princess". So, as it stands, tags are still on the witches hat, cape and broom. Maybe next year...humphhhh

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  1. Whoa you call that a short entry?!! Glad you had a great summer. Time really flies, doesn't it?