Sunday, November 15, 2009

Festival of Trees - For a great Cause

Lauren in front of the tree that just wasn't meant to be ours - maybe Christine will be kind enough to come decorate our tree just like this one! Great job, Christine!
A ton of volunteers put a lot of time and effort to pull this event off, I'm sure!

Today, Steven, Lauren and I went to an annual fundraising called The Centre for Dreams - Festival of Trees. The money raised went to a good cause, helping adults who are intellectually challenged, have the opportunity to integrate into the community through educational and social skills training programs.
Reindeer food was two scoops of oats, a scoop of green and red jimmies and a dash of sparkles. Just sprinkle on grass or driveway where Santa will park his reindeers on Christmas Eve!

From what I scribed for Lauren in her letter to Santa,she didn't ask for much. She asked for mittens - soft mittens, that is -not the ones that have the warm filling and nylon to make them waterproof, snow so she could make a snowman, a tree and presents, and a big horse and big carriage. She's been eyeing it at Costco and we keep telling her she has to put it on her list. Guess where we're going tomorrow?
Sitting on Sa... I mean Mom's lap.King Kong tree. Cool, eh? It won a prize for most Creative.

It was an exciting day with lots to do and the organizers did a fantastic job. The trees were decorated and donated to this worthy cause by various organizations, corporations, families, etc. They were awesome and many original decorating ideas, too! Hand Sanitizer tree

$20 got you 20 tickets for the raffle for the trees/wreaths. We bought raffle tickets for the trees and kept our fingers crossed all afternoon hoping for a call to come pick up our tree - this would have saved a bit of time decorating this year! Actually, I would have used it as a second tree in the foyer. But lost hope. No call. There was our favourite, the green Grinch tree which won the prize for most captivating, even though the website said it was most traditional, obviously a typo. (I have to say this since it was my good friend Christine's tree donation - just kidding, since it really was - we put half of our tickets into the can and still didn't win since her tin was full of tickets!) There was the King Kong tree, a Longo's (grocery sponsor) which had gift cards hanging, a tree that had bottles of hand sanitizers, traditional trees but however done, they were all equally beautiful.
The nice fresh wreaths.

We went on a horse drawn carriage ride, saw Santa's reindeers, had storytime, wrote a letter to Santa, won a few prizes from putting, fishing and just getting lucky pulling lollipops. She got tattoos, refused a fake finger cast, made reindeer food, had lunch and saw Santa. That was an exciting fun-filled afternoon! We're already looking forward to next year's event.
Santa's reindeers.
Lauren and Santa.

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