Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another trip to Buffalo

My hubs and William after the Buffalo game.
Some guy was nice enough to give William the game puck. It was still icy cold!

Last week, my cousin and her hubby came up from L.A. to visit. Her husband is a big hockey fan and has made it his goal to visit every NHL arena on this continent. On this trip, they fared well. They went to a Toronto game and a Buffalo game. My hubby and one of the my boys is a big hockey fan as well. William's birthday was on the 3rd and his present from us was tickets to the Buffalo game. Montreal is his favourite team but we were too late getting tickets at a reasonable price.

My cousins managed to buy 4 tickets from season ticket holders via craigslist and we made a night of it. William got to skip an afternoon of school to make the two hour trek down to Buffalo. We had a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory which is as good as I remembered it to be. No pics but we knew we were in America when our dinners arrived. Guess what we didn't have time for at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY? Yep, cheesecake! No time. Oh well, next time. Besides, my arse could spare the extra 9000 calories anyway.

While they went to the game, my daughter and I went shopping. I only bought the usual groceries from Sam's Club since the savings staples as butter, milk, juice, chicken, cheese are about 1/2 compared to here. I only had enough time to hit Sam's Club and Marshall's. I had to put things back knowing that I'm going with the girls on US Thanksgiving weekend shopping anyway, because if i bought anything besides groceries (no tax or duty on groceries), my hubby would KILL me for holding us back at the border. :(

It's almost funny that a guy born and raised in a warmer climate where there is no such thing as snow, only beaches could be a hockey fan. I never asked but, Ricky, can you even skate? ;)

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