Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Fridge - Hubby Thinks I'm Nuts (AmI??)

Don't Like: The Kenmore basic panel with the refrigeration temperature controls inside fridge.Like: Samsung's at-a-glance control panel with accurate temperature readings on the outside.

Like: Kenmore's compact ice maker which only uses up about two shelves of the door.
Don't Like: Samsung's ice maker which takes up the upper shelf of the freezer plus a couple of shelves of the door. Like: the extra storage of the "cupboard" to the right of the icemaker which can fit about 3 pizzas and more.
Don't Like: Kenmore's freezer upper shelves are not adjustable, leaving approx. 15"+ of space on a mid-level shelf with a gap to the back of about 4" which could lead to food falling off and blocking the circulation of the cold air. How are you suppose to stack anything? In pyramid form? Also, only 1 basket.
Like: Kenmore's extra freezer space due to the compact ice maker.

Don't Like: Kenmore's shelf above on the crisper drawer is not tempered glass!! How are you suppose to put anything on it?? The floor model in the store IS though.
Like: Samsung's nicer interior and separate temperature controlled compartment to quick thaw, quick freeze, etc.

A few weeks ago, our Frigidaire Professional Gallery which was only about 10 years old totally failed on us! I think that we actually got more time than we should have since the first time I had it serviced for a broken ice dispenser/water switch, the guy commented that he was surprised I hadn't had any problems with it previously. It was quite stressful, as replacing the refrigerator was definitely was not in our budget at this time - such a huge expense! It's incredible how much we take this great invention for granted, until we no longer have the use of one.

If it were winter, it might not have been as bad, since I could use the garage as a refrigerator. A garage actually comes in quite handy, not only to protect our cars in the winter to save us also from cleaning the snow off in the mornings, but also to use as an extra cold storage space if the fridge is full. I place things that need to be colder further away from the entrance to the door, and anything that we don't want to have freeze, must sit close to the entrance to the mudroom. We take advantage of mother nature and am glad especially when we have parties in the winter time when both the deep freezer and small fridge in the basement are packed tight. BUT it IS NOT winter, and so it goes...

For a couple of months, it was kind on not cooling properly but I refuse to put in any money into the fridge because of the age. Perhaps it might have been a simpler solution than waiting for it to die the way it did. The freezer was not freezing ice cream past the stage of a nice thick milkshake, concentrated juices would remain liquid and even freezie pops wouldn't freeze which was beyond my comprehension since meats and frozen vegetables and fruits froze solid and remained that way until I needed them.

With the bad combination of a full tub of ice sitting in the freezer's dispenser, and a fairly warm day, without the air conditioning on, this proved to be a disaster. In the morning, we thought the milk wasn't as cold as it should be. We ice from the ice maker was dripping quite furiously, so I just emptied it all out into the sink and mopped up the floor. We continued to open and close the door throughout the day and by mid-day, we realized that there was condensation on our bottles in the refrigerator. I didn't give it much thought until my son called me to come take a look downstairs at the ceiling! Holy s***! About a 3 square feet area of the ceiling was stained and stucco falling away! I had to quickly empty the contents into fridge and deep freezer downstairs and gave away a huge bag of veggies to my brother.;( See that black mark in the middle of the pic? That's what one of those sticky spider things left when the kids decided to throw it up on the ceiling. Did they think earth was lacking gravity and it was going to "crawl" along the ceiling?? On the walls, boys! On the walls next time - and outside!

More money into the money pit, this was all it meant! Depressed, stressed and far from being a happy camper and buying a new fridge under duress is also not a good combo. My husband now spent a day of his vacation with me scouting out fridges at Lowes, Home Depot and Sears. Generally, I'm pretty easy to please. I know what my needs and wants and we ended up with a Sears Kenmore fridge which was the lowest price of the year. Generally, I don't shop at department stores. I feel that they up their prices but a lot of the Kenmore line is (but won't be much longer) made by whirlpool which is quite good. Consumer's Report always gives them a good rating, so we were in and out of Sears in less than 15 minutes. This is after spending all morning thinking we were going to buy an LG fridge.

What the heck was I thinking??? I'm not really sure. Two days later, the fridge was delivered. I opened it up and looked at the configuration of the shelves and instantly hated it! Everything except for the newly designed ice dispenser which only took up the first two shelves of the freezer door, I HATED IT! I think I had grown too attached to my last fridge which had three baskets (this one only had 1), there weren't enough shelves on the door, the piece of glass over the vegetable crisper was not tempered glass, and therefore not suitable for using as a shelf. The wire shelves in the freezer had a 3" gap to the back with a unadjustable shelf which meant that it would be over 12" high. How do you put stuff in there without it falling to the back and blocking the cooling system? Do I have to stack it in a pyramid fashion? I don't think so.

I dropped my son off at soccer and headed directly back to the store to check out whether this is what we signed up for. The glass shelf that should've been in ours was in fact tempered glass in the floor model. The sales lady didn't care and gave me attitude and told me that I just didn't like the fridge (she was darn right) but went to say, "what difference does the glass shelf make?" Maybe she wasn't too bright afterall and I went straight to customer service. The lady there was very nice and informed me that they do offer a customer satisfaction guarantee but read the back of the receipt, with a restocking fee which in this case was 20%! Not to mention a $75 pick up fee. So, if we wanted to avoid the charges, then we'd have to buy something from Sears and it would be a straight exchange. Where does that leave us? We are basically forced to buy from them again even though we found good deals in the meantime.

I saw this Samsung refrigerator (model RS277ACRS) when I went back which was in our price range and thought that was what I wanted. There are glass shelves in the freezer and drawers in the freezer which makes for easier storage. The shelves looked nicer in both compartments and also has a meatdrawer with a separate temperature control system to quick freezer or thaw meats. Hmmm. When we get back from our trip, I'm going to buy it. I did have 30 days, afterall. The problem was that it was about $600 more. Should I or shouldn't I? My husband thinks that if it's going to save him the headache of listening to me complain everytime I opened the fridge door for the next 10 or 15 years, then $600 is nothing! Go for it, he said. If it'll make you happy, go for it.

So, when we were in Montreal, I made up my mind. How? My wonderful brother-in-law, who knows how much I love reading Consumers Reports publications always picks up copies for me during our visits, since he probably knows I won't pay the $8 for each copy. I thank him for his thoughtfulness and kindness. Well, the exact Samsung fridge was a CR Recommended Buy this month. That's it! I was SOLD! I will suck it up and be happy whenever I pull on the handle of the new fridge door.

Last Friday, I once again, marched into Sears Home to tell the sales guy who sold it to us, what the problem was and what I want. But before doing that, I went online to do a search on the model number to price compare. I had taken photos of the Samsung store after delivery of the Kenmore, I photographed the manual which was inside the fridge but I couldn't find a single thing on it - no reviews, or prices on the specific model. I lucked out and went on and it was $200 off. I cut and pasted the exact model number (I was missing 4 digits), and one result came up. Believe it or not, Futureshop's regular price is $600 less than Sears regular price!! How the heck can they justify that huge of a price difference?? Well, I just printed it out, walked into the store and showed them then two printouts. The girl at customer service was delightful and did not give me an ounce of trouble. In fact, she was actually very knowledgable and helpful. We paid the $90 difference and had the fridge delivered today. Ahhh! What a difference this fridge makes. I LOVE IT! I am almost giddy about it. Who would have thought one could get so excited over a fridge??


  1. Unfortunately, I think we got our itouch lifted in the process so we basically paid for it!

  2. Great shopping experience. Good research saves you money and headaches:)

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