Friday, July 17, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

I haven't been garage saleing for a while but the last time I went, I think I came home with some pretty good finds. What do you think?

These brand new Sharpies (I LOVE Sharpies) for $3 and the cake lifter was free (my favourite word)!
All these books and CDs for $3!

I figure that one day when I do start knitting for my grandchildren these lovely books would come in handy. You're welcome to borrow them in the meantime...
$1 for both brand new items(the plate stand has at $35 price ticket still on it!)
$5 step stool for the washroom. It looks and fits in the powder room better than the white Rubbermaid stool we were pushing around. It was in tip top shape until I took it home!
$3 for this libary bound copy -I think she worked for the library and ordered book at a discounted price. The knitting books were from the same seller. The books were all in perfect condition.

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