Friday, June 26, 2009

Today the Beasts Were Released for Summer Holidays!

Thursday June 25, 2009.

Oh, look what I found in my drafts...

Standing here patiently waiting.A Deep Blue Sea - As each of their names were called, I wondered where each of these kids will be in 20 years . It's incredible how many Ontario Scholars there were in this graduating class - almost half!

Today was the last day of school for my boys. It started out a very nice morning, with the kids going swimming at 7:30 am before heading off to school but by lunch time, instead of the kids kicking up their heals and screaming, they were all huddled in the school worried about how awful the weather was and how they were going to get home without getting drenched. The good mother that I am : ), I drove around the corner and parked the car to find my boys inside the office waiting patiently for me, looking kind of glum.

Oh dear, what am I going to do with them this summer besides going on a couple of short weekend road trips and hanging out by the backyard pool and having a some friends over? Unfortunately, these kids are a hard bunch to entertain and please. Each summer, they are usually enrolled in a few weeks of camp but this year, they aren't enrolled in anything as yet. They HATE going to camp and they complain that they're bored at home as well. What to do??

They were actually kind of sad that they weren't going to see many of their friends very much over the summer holidays. I remember growing up, summer holidays seemed SO long. By the time August rolled around, I was looking forward to the new school year which always starts on the Tuesday after Labour Day here in Ontario.

Terrilyn on her way to graduating!

It was also the graduation ceremony for Terrilyn. Today, she is officially no longer in high school! She's on her way to being a full-fledged grown-up! I told her and her friends that some of the best times of their lives is now, while they're still in school. Especially for these bunch of spoiled brats. They get their tuitions and boarding paid for so they don't need to get a part-time job unless they need beer money or fashion money.Waiting patiently for the ceremony to finish!

I attended the ceremony with Lauren and Nicholas. There was a limit of only 3 tickets per family and since William had a soccer game in the rain, it was decided that I take Nicholas and Lauren along with me. What a mistake that was! With program in hand and nothing better to do, Nicholas did exactly what I would've done - added up the number of grads listed in the evening's program book. 248! Two hundred and forty eight! Who was I trying to kid when I thought they would be fine to sit through the entire ceremony?

Before the principal's address begun, Lauren was already bored out of her mind. She was mimicking the guys who were testing the mics. When the guy spoke into the mic with "testing testing", she would repeat after him. It was quite funny actually listening to her. Then she would start asking a million questions and rocking back and forth standing on the chair, etc. Not to mention Nicholas's persistent "How much longer?" So, I text messaged my hubby and asked him to drive over to pick them up after the soccer game. He arrived an hour and twenty minutes after the ceremony started and Lauren had actually gotten SO bored, she climbed into my lap and fell asleep! Gosh! To think....I have four more of these high school graduations to go to!

I teared up at the ceremony just thinking about how my first baby will be going away in a couple of months and starting a new chapter in her life. A road that she will travel to find her dreams. She was a very difficult teen, but normal nonetheless. Very strong headed and strong willed. She showed signs of this from a very young age. Peer pressure was a very big part of it. At one point, we thought she was heading down the wrong path. We tried steering her back with all our might and I guess it must've worked because she has truly turned into a gracious young lady who I am very proud of.

One day, in four years, I will be looking back and hear myself repeating this over again once more for her.Jessica & Terrilyn

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