Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Mother's Day Herb Garden

The beautiful potted herbs. Now I have to remember to water them!

I know I'm working backwards here, but I have been so busy lately, and so much to blog about I don't quite know where to start.

When my sister-in- law and I went out garage saleing the Saturday before Mother's day, it was POURING rain. We were one of the few who were either crazy enough or desparate enough to be out in the downpour. Then again, there were people who actually just pulled plastic tarps over their goods and it was business as usual. At one of the houses, there was a kid about 12 years old haggling for some brand new candles to match the candle holders he had just bought from another neighbour across the way. He said it was for his mother for mother's day. I think this gave him some bargaining power. That almost brought tears to my eyes that this kid, who probably didn't have much money was thoughtful enough to know that he could get something decent from a garage sale. HIs mom wouldn't care whether it was new or used, or if he spent $2 instead of $20. I'm sure of this because I wouldn't.

William's card to me.

I could never say that any of my boys would do the same for me. That's not to say that they've never given me anything in the past. Sure, there were the arts & crafts from school, or the gifts that my hubby went out to buy and said it was from the kids. Although, when she was old enough, it was always my daughter who would save up her money to get me little something. For whatever reason, I always unwrapped some perfumey soap, bubble bath or cream of some sort. I think she knows now that I can't use up all of the supplies that she's gotten for me over the years. Except this year, she said she had no money and lately seems to be borrowing money from me quite frequently.

I have always said that they didn't have to buy me anything and to save their money for themselves. Perhaps this is to my own detriment that now I must eat my own words. Maybe I've taught them to be selfish by doing this. Do you think?

Transplanted a bit of chives and parsley into a planter we brought back from Southern Spain a couple of years ago. The pot was nothing special but we really couldn't find anything to buy as a little souvenier, believe it or not!

So, my eldest teenage son Ryan calls me on Saturday afternoon and to my surprise, he actually considered getting me a mother's day present! That was certainly unexpected. He said he was going to Chapters Book Store and wondered if there was a book that I would like. Wow! I was utterly speechless. Dumbfounded, as a matter of fact would be the correct word! You have to understand - the thought that he would part with his money at his own will to actually buy something for someone is a magical breakthrough! I was quite excited about it and thrilled! He's coming around! I then proceeded once again to say that he didn't have to get me anything but thanks for thinking of me and since it's garage sales season, I can get my books for about a quarter a piece so to think that he's going to pay $20 for one, I just couldn't get passed it. But then added, "Well, since you're going to the book store, maybe instead of a book, you can tell your dad to drive you to the grocery store's garden centre and pick me up a little potted herb garden. Oh, I was excited! I was going to get something similar to the potted herb garden that I was too cheap to buy ($16.99 plus 13% tax) earlier on in the day!

Sunday rolls around and he comes home for dinner. I expected my potted herbs. Maybe I could even use a few clippings from it for mother's day dinner! He came empty handed. :( What the... Well, it turns out that his dad said that if he buys me something, then he would have to buy something for his step-mother as well. He didn't want to, so we both got nothing. That's ok - it's the thought that counts, right?

During the week, I did however go out and get my herbs and transplanted them into existing pots that I had from last year. It was more or less the only thing that I wanted this year. I have to admit - I am a difficult person to buy for as I usually go out and get what I need/want on my own leaving nothing for anyone else in case they need to get me something. I'm SO BAD in that way.
Lauren's bean plant from Nursery School.

The rest of the family gave me cards with enclosed lottery tickets and scratch tickets (no, we're not rich YET and the Lotto 649 is $49 million buckeroos tonight!!) But I did win $5 from one of the ticket and traded it in for tonight's draw with which I think I have the winning ticket!! (A true gambler! I should quite while I'm ahead, right?) If you hear a scream from where you are at around 11 pm, don't panic - it's probably me doing the happy dance. But even if I don't get the chance to ever do the happy dance, I still have a million dollar family right here in our home.

On Saturday, Ryan handed me $20. He said that it was for me to go out and buy myself the herb garden that I wanted! I pointed at the herbs and said those were from him. I almost felt guilty taking it from him! It's sort of like stealing candy from a baby, isn't it? My sweet Ryan is growing up and is beginning to appreciate the things that I do for him. They look great and hopefully, I can bury them in the fall and have them come back year after year. I will remember this mother's day as a special one because apart from gifts that were made at school, which are usually made because it is part of an activity, this year, he thought to go out on his own will to get me something I wanted. This is a life lesson here. He's going to have to do the same for his wife one day. He only now has to learn how to learn what I want and go out and buy what he thinks I want. Maybe next year... But for now, I am perfectly happy with this...

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  1. That's awesome. So sweet of your son.

    I was at Costco last week eyeing the assorted herb planters for around $15. My hubby shook his head so I put it back down. Boo hoo!