Monday, May 4, 2009

My "Free" Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Arrived!

A few months ago (December/January), I was buying Dempster's breads and saw a sticker on all the bags. The offer was "Think Bread Instead HB Sandwich Grill" with 10 UPC labels from specific products. This isn't hard as we could probably go through 10 loaves of bread in less than 3 weeks anyway. You just have to pay $15 for shipping and handling. Not bad for an item that's MSRP is about $70. The catch was that you couldn't send a cheque or cash. They needed a money order. Thank goodness my sister works at a bank and offers me free money orders, with delivery, too!

What the heck do I need this for? I'm not quite sure myself. I guess I could make paninis? Hot squashed, crispy sandwiches? I think I could get the same effect on a frying pan, couldn't I?

Well, today it finally arrived. Two things came to mind: 1) much could I get for this on eBay/Craigslist? 2) Where the hell am I going to put this? It's still sitting on the counter and each time I walk by, I take a look at the box, and imagine the size of the thing. Yes, I have a fair size kitchen with lots of cupboards, but there's only one problem - IT'S FULL!! So, another small kitchen bling that has to go into storage when not in use, which means less use because 1) out of sight, out of mind, 2) too L-A-Z-Y.

So, my husband says we're having sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. I have to think about it because if I open the box and use it even just once, it's deemed as a used product and if I decide to sell it, it's just lost half of it's value. I just finished checking on Craigslist and there's already 3 brand new ones ranging from $40 - $75. Forget about selling it for now. There were 3 000 of these offered and they had an overwhelming response and hence the late delivery of the product. This means that there's going to be a lot more of these for sale in the coming days.

Hunny: Hot, squashed sandwiches/wraps, it is tomorrow...

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