Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can't even boil an egg!

For Christmas, my daughter gave me a gift card for Williams Sonoma. Since there are only 2 locations in the Toronto area, neither of them are close by. So, during boxing week, my girlfriend and I went to the Yorkdale location and I thought I'd try to pick up something. I wanted to buy some kitchen bling but there wasn't anything that I REALLY wantedor needed. I did pick up a glass pedestal dessert plate with a domed lid and a really expensivee silicone spatula (the most expensive one I'll ever buy which had better last a lifetime - 23 fricken bucks plus tax!) and this device which helps you cook a perfect egg. This was an $8 gadget. Necessary? Yes!

All of us, except for Nicholas, love hard-boiled eggs. He chooses to be difficult and wants his eggs soft boiled so that he could spoon out the egg, dip his bread in the runny yolk and and try to have a near perfect egg shell in the end. I have tried many different ways to time an egg. Before this little discovery, I could never get the egg white cooked and the yolk warm, the way a soft boiled egg should be.

I could tell you how to cook eggs to perfect hard boiled but I'm at a loss and have actually gone around asking people and looking it up on the internet. Everyone has there own way and says it's perfect. I've tried 'em all and nothing works for soft-boiled. So, if you can't find one of these handy gadgets or refuse to pay the astronomical price for one, (I'm sure I got ripped off), and want a perfect hard-boiled egg, start with a pot of cold water with eggs straight from the fridge. Bring water to a boil and set the timer for 10 minutes. Simple. If you want a perfect soft or medium, run out and get one of these!

The Egg-Perfect is a simple ingenious little acrylic half egg-sized-shaped, flat-bottomed thingamajiggy really has perfected my egg-cooking skills and works like a charm!

Simple instructions.

Just place it in a pot of water with your eggs.

A perfect soft-boiled egg.

A perfect medium egg -the way I like it.
A perfect hard-boiled egg!


  1. I am impressed. I think $8 is a fair price.

  2. Hi Chee Mama, Thanks for stopping by. You know how many dozens of eggs you can buy with $8?! :) I saw them at Winners for $5.99 yesterday and the Lee Valley Garden catalogue for $7 in case you are interested.