Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

A proud Nick posing with his first steaks!

What we had for dinner...

One of my most favourite desserts!

Happy belated mother's day to all! Hope you had a nice relaxing day and that your kids and hubby were good to you.

We've had a busy week here, not that every week isn't busy but this past week and weekend had been a particularly busier one than usual with my brother-in-law and family staying with us. We had a wonderful weekend doing the touristy thing in downtown Toronto visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, CN Tower and Toronto Eaton Centre. I also think we ate too much AGAIN! What's new?

Let's see what we had for mother's day:

Grilled T-Bone Steak with Chipotle-Chili Rub and Cilantro-Lime Compound Butter

My son Nicholas got a new cookbook - Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids. It is a very nice spiral bound cookbook that has very enticing simple recipes that kids can make and of course, kid-friendly. Nicholas wanted to make T-Bone Steaks from this book so I said he could cook dinner for me on Mother's day. Out I went to get all the ingredients and he did a fabulous job. Everything we delicious and we had a feast!The beginnings of the butter compound.

1 lime
1 cup butter, cut into chunks (2 sticks)
3 tbsp finely chopped cilantro
4 T-Bone Steaks (we used ribeye), 1-1/2" thick
2 tbsp steak seasoning blend for the grill, such as Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick (we used Clubhouse)
1 tbsp chiptle (smoky) gruond chili powder or dark chili powder
1 tbsp sweet paprika

Preheat a two-burner grill pan over high heat or a tabletop electric grill to high, or preheat the outdoor grill. Grate the zest of the lime (the green part of the skin - not the white part) on the small holes of a grater. Cut the lime in half crosswise and squeeze all the juice from the lime halves into a bowl.

Place butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Place bowl in microwave and cook on high for 15 seconds. Stir in cilantro and lime zest and juice using a rubber spatula. Transfer the butter onto a large piece of plastic wrap.

Gather the ends of the plastic wrap in one hand and use a straight edge, like a small cookie sheet pan, to push the butter back and away from your body making the butter take on a log shape.

Gently roll the log wrapped in plastic back and forth on the counterop to evenly round out the shape. Twist up the extra wrap on the ends and place the compound butter log into the freezer to make the butter cold enough to slice.

Remove the steaks form teh refrigerator and unwrap. Combine the steak seasoning blend with ground chiptole pepper (smoked jalepeno powder) and sweet paprika. A tablespoon is about a palmful of powdered or ground seasonings. Rub the seasoning blend into the steaks, distributing the spices eveningly amond them. Go wash your hands. Using tongs, place steaks on hot grill , carefully place the thin tip of one steak facing the wide end of the next so that all 4 steaks fit onto the grill at the same time. Cook steaks 6 to 7 minutes on each side for medium doneness. Remove steaks and let them rest so the juices can redistribute, 5 minutes.

When ready to serve, top steaks with discs of sliced compound butter, and serve with salad or vegetables on the side.

We also had grilled Shrimp Satay served with Thai Peanut Sauce (SO GOOD!!) both from www.shesimmers.com. I didn't have coriander so I substituted cilantro and size 31-35 shrimps because that's all I had :( They didn't quite look like hers, but they were delicious still.

I think I should have mixed all the ingredients in a bowl and then poured it over the shrimp. I don't follow directions very well. Live and learn...

Looks and tasted a bit pasty but with the Peanut Sauce, it was PERFECT!

A very yummy combo.

Oh so simple and delish peanut sauce. Just combine all ingredients...

Stir to blend everything...

Bring to a boil and it's peanut sauce which can keep in the fridge for months!!

My cousin also celebrated her first mother's day with us and brought korean short ribs. I will post the recipe on a separate post. We wrapped it in lettuce and dressed with the Thai Peanut Sauce and MMMMMM! SO Yummy!!Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs

Beef short-ribs wrapped in lettuce with peanut sauce and grilled veggies would make a hearty meal. YUM!

Grilled vegetables seasoned sliced and tossed with olive oil, Montreal Steak Spice and bit of seasoning salt and baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, wrapped individually in foil and cooked over the BBQ for about 45 minutes, were our sides. For dessert, we had a delicious White and Chocolate Mousse cake from Baby Cole's Daddy. It's one of my MOST favourite combinations for a cake from our local fabulous Village Grocer who make some of the best desserts around town. I think I gained 8 pounds that day alone!

Veggies with olive oil, steak spice and seasoning salt. So simple and delish.

We then finished off our evening watching The Amazing Race. We haven't been able to follow a show or program in years! We are finally see the light as our kids reach an age where they can entertain themselves and we can watch something WE want to watch on tv once a week! I'm sure the day will come that I will miss them at this age. But for now, I'll look forward to the day that we can start calling the shots again on everything from what to watch on TV, what and where to eat, what movies to go to, etc.

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  1. Happy belated mother's day to you! Looks like you guys had fun. Glad you like the peanut sauce!