Thursday, May 7, 2009

...But I Thought I Was A Bear!!!...

So, winter's past, spring has sprung. I have a problem. I think I thought I was a bear. Since fall, I became a bit inactive physically but remained active seeking out food. It's as if I've been stuffing my face to build up the fat stores in my body to last me the winter during hibernation. Problem is, I never went into hibernation but only continued to stuff my face! Well, I'm paying for it now because it's time for bears to wake up and thin, this bear's not!

When I bumped into my friend yesterday, she had on a spiffy new pair of Santana stretchy denim capris she got for only 10 bucks! Yeah, they ARE first quality, too! She discovered a clearance outlet that she came across a couple of weeks ago. It's a liquidation store in Richmond Hill that carries close-outs for VERY reasonable prices. I need new pants. I've been living in my Danskin yoga pants all winter (I have three pairs of black ones if any of you friends thought I never changed) and my shorts and jeans that I fit perfectly last fall have all grown too snug to be comfortable in.

On my way to picking up my son from school, I stopped at SALES GONE WILD located at Yonge St./16th Ave. For $30, I picked up 4 pairs of pants! I love Santana & Parasuco stretchy denim as their cuts fit me perfectly! I picked up two pairs of capris and 1 pair of bootcut jeans, and 1 pair of dressier denim (if that's possible). The sign read "All Parasuco items - buy three get 1 free". I picked up two Santana and 1 Parasuco and the lady told me to go get another pair since it's free. BARGOON!!

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  1. Oh I always love a bargooon!! What a deal! Looks like you are ready for the warm weather now.