Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life's Simple Pleasures

These 50% less sodium Lay's Potato chips are one of my favorites!
My lips don't burn from the tons of salt of the regular Lay's.

When my dad was sick in the hospital a couple of months ago, my sister and I had gone down to the lobby for a little snack from the drugstore. We came back with junk food like a bag of Lay's potato chips, Coke and chocolate covered caramels. Yeah, we know, we could've come back with MUCH better choices, but what the heck, the kids weren't with us, so we could pig out on our own!! LOL!! While we were munching away, she was looking resolutely into her bag, like she was looking for something special.

A example of a good one!

I asked her what she was looking for and she just chuckled. That day, I found out that we were definitely from the same two parents since we had an oddity in common when eating potato chips. Something very strange and peculiar that the two of us enjoy: WE BOTH LOVE THE CRUNCH OF THE FOLDED ONES!! My hubby thinks it's just downright strange and just grunts and shakes his head when he sees me peer inside the bag before selecting my next chip.

My kids look for the folded ones and collect them onto a separate plate just for me! It's really very hard to explain what's different about them. I've tried but nobody understands what the thrill of it is. They think we're insane. Well, it's just one of those things. Is there anyone else out there that understands this odd likeness? If not, yo should try one today, and maybe you'll discover the joy that you've been missing out on! (Or maybe you'll just shake your head and think we have a sickness, too!)

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