Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend

Bailey, our Portuguese Waterdog is probably the best dog that a little girl could have. Look, would YOUR brothers let you dress them up like this??? If nobody'll play with her, Bailey will!

This poor dog...he lets Lauren do anything to him. We think he's attention starved, so any attention is good attention, according to Bailey. He actually can never have enough. We should've known when we went to look at the litter. His grandma looks very much like him and she was SO friendly and wanted to be petted the whole duration of our visit. HE'S JUST LIKE HER!!

Lauren thanks Bailey for being her playmate when there's nothing else to do...

Who needs a sandbox when you have a dog food box to dig in? (Don't worry, it's holistic and all-natural stuff we feed him - he eats better than we do!) As she digs and moves food from the bin to his bowl and back again, she drops a few and sometimes, like today, a whole bowl full. Fortunately, he's not food driven, at least not dog food driven, so he doesn't go after every little piece of kibble that falls his way. It actually would make my life a lot easier if he would! Most dogs act as vacuums but not Bailey, he prefers to be hand fed and preferably stuff like beef bones, salmon, shrimp, and most anything else we eat including pineapple, sweet peppers, cantalope, strawberries and broccoli.

With Lauren being only 3-1/2 years, she's probably caused this dog so much grief in this short time she's known him, he probably doesn't want to live another 7 years or so (average lifespan of PWDs are about 12 years). Maybe not in this household anyway. LOL! From day 1, he ran and hid under the table when he heard her little cries. If he only knew that that little bundle was going to grow to be what she is today, he would have probably ran away and found a new family!

Bailey usually starts out sleeping under the bed, on my side (to rest up for the next day's torture sessions) and generally moves around during the night. He hated being crated a puppy and since then, whenever we called "crate" before we went up to bed, I think he mistook that for "go upstairs and under the bed" because it was impossible to get him out once he got up there. Each morning, she looks forward to him making his appearance. When he's ready, usually around 8 am, he'll mosey on down. When she spots him, she gives him one of her most biggest loving squeezes and he just sits there like in this photo and takes it like a good dog. The poor dog even gets his tail jumped on and incredibly, he again just takes it like a good dog. When he doesn't want to be subjected to anymore of her harrassing, he'll just get up and walk away calmly like he's trying to sneak away without her noticing. Back into the living room, under the piano (it's like his den), near the window, to bask in the warm sunshine. Sometimes, she'll seek him out and invade his serenity and he'll just take it like a good dog. It's actually very cute to see them lying on the floor together. Or at times, she get his leash and "walk" him around the house. The other day, she even covered him with a blanket while he was napping. He looked up at me with those puppy-dog eyes that said, "Oh bother! Why me??"

All of the above is true, and with all the torture she puts him through each day, I'm sure Bailey loves her as much as she loves him. They truly are best friends.

If you are looking for a great family dog, a Porty is the way to go. They are non-shedding, have a very good gentle temperament, and VERY smart. Because the President has one now, the breed which was fairly unknown, has put this breed into the spotlight. Unfortunately, this causes a greater demand for them and hopefully, this won't cause irresponsible breeding.

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