Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

April Fools! I have to admit, we were made fools today! My two youngest sons, William and Nicholas LOVE this day! These two little jokesters look forward to this day each year planning out their pranks, and mapping out where their little booby traps are going to be set.

This morning, cloudy and rainy, they set out early - 6:30 am. Usually, I am out of bed and checking emails and starting lunches at this hour. But this morning, I chose to stay in bed until 7. I could hear the little pitter-patter in the hall and the cute little giggles and chuckles between the two. I actually didn't give the day a second thought. It was just another day. Nothing unusual on the agenda except to change my snow tires and lunch with my cousins.

We have a ritual - our three year-old is still in our bed, but I love it! - and each morning, when she wakes up, she calls out, and whomever runs up, has to page the other to come up and play hide and seek in which she will hide under the sheets. When you find her, she will announce what the house is made of (bricks, straw or hay) to determine whether or not the house can then be blown down. If it's bricks, she just comes out. If it's hay or straw, we have to blow before she'll make an appearance. Then do the tickle-her-feet-and-armpits ritual, before proceeding downstairs for breakfast, usually on one of our backs.

This morning after the page, the boys came barging in and greeted us with a jolly "We're all wired up!" followed closely behind by daddy. They had the biggest grins on their faces trying to fool us with all sorts of pranks but I wasn't going to fall for any of it. We're older and wiser, aren't we? Or so I thought...

My husband told me something is wrong with the computer. OMG! It must be the April Fool's virus warning that got us!! Now I would have lost all my pictures that I haven't had to back up (almost a year's worth)! Both mouses or is it mice??(one little kiddie size one and one regular), don't work and he's tried restarting a couple of times. I restarted the computer, unplugged the mouses and just couldn't figure the darn thing out. No luck...I have no time for this - there were breakfasts and lunches to be made. While I was clearing the counter before I could even begin, I saw a plastic blue glass upside down. Naturally, it had to put put into the sink to be washed. They got me! Water everywhere. I had no time for this either!! I have to admit, I was not a happy camper. There was another booby trap on the kitchen table as well. I didn't fall for that one and I still haven't gotten around to removing it yet (because I'm too busy doing this...).

With breakfasts eaten, lunches made, kids dressed, I was determined to get to the bottom of the broken computer. As we unplugged USB cords, restarted the computer, switched the USB plugs around, accused the kids of fiddling with wires, etc. Nicholas was finding very hard to contain his laughter. He flipped the mouses over and what they'd done was they taped a small piece of paper to cover the sensor! Good one, I have to admit! Arrggghhh! Heck, even Albert Einstein was mocking us!

In the hustle and bustle to get them out the door, my daughter who was running late for school already was looking for her keys. "Did you see my keys? Did anyone see my keys?" I yelled, "It's where you put them!" Nicky and William both hysterical now couldn't help but run up the stairs to wave from upstairs. They had taped her keys to the upper part of the staircase in the middle of the hall above the hallway table where she leaves them! They even made her jump for them! These little sneaky devils!

My husband came home for lunch after picking up Lauren from preschool and had to use the bathroom. April fool's jokes are suppose to be over and done with by noon, aren't they? It was already passed 1 pm and they were at school so what else could happen? Well, apparently, this is an oldie of Nicky's. He places a glass of water on top of the door and when you open or close it, it will fall on you. This one happened to get my husband's sleeve. It's a good thing it wasn't me because I would have been screaming, I'm sure.

Ah, I get it now! "We're all wired up!" Very funny, guys! I guess a little sense of humour does the "old folks" some good to keep us young!

Happy April Fools Day! Welcome, spring!

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  1. That is too funny!!! My kids would never even think to do stuff like that.