Sunday, April 12, 2009

BBQ Season is Upon Us

A simple prelude to the lazy days of summer's lunch. I don't usually like anything on my burgers (boring, I know).

3 salmon and 6 Roadhouse burgers.

Cardinal Roadhouse burgers. The perfect weight and burger to bread ratio.

My family and I LOVE the warmer weather, mainly because it's BBQ season. I used to BBQ year-round, but I've found in the last 4 years or so, as I'm getting older (40 something), I don't feel like BBQing in the winter months any longer. If any of you live in the northern parts of the USA or Canada (except for parts of British Columbia), you'd know that our winters can be quite long. Actually, Toronto's not bad compared to Quebec and the Maritimes. Especially this year it seems, summer can't come soon enough. The blue skies and sunshine is welcomed by us all, and apart from the near freezing temperature a the moment, (it's 1 C/33F outside) and the swamp when we look outside, it has all the makings for a beautiful summer's day. Who cares, I'll just pretend that it is. I've just gone out to fire up the bbq for lunch. It's not the first time this year, as we had an early taste of spring last month (about 18C).

The swamp. To be opened soon...

On today's menu is only six 1/2 lb.Cardinal Roadhouse burgers and 3 salmon burgers from Costco. My family loves these juicy hamburger patties. These are actually leftover in the deep freezer from last fall. I think that the salmon burgers were quite fishy, so only my hubby had one(he didn't mind them too much) . The other two prize-winning salmon patties will go to Bailey, the overweight Portuguese waterdog. I guess you don't have to wonder why he's overweight...
Our overweight Portuguese Waterdog, Bailey. Porty males are usually between 40-60 lbs. or so. Bailey is about 75 lbs.!


  1. Those burgers are a favourite in my household too. I wish they sold mini burgers for the boys =)

    Bailey is a cutie!

  2. I can't wait for BBQ season! I LOVE charred meat!

  3. Well the bbq season is moving into high gear now since it will be around 80 here in Santa Barbara. That's a "yum" because so much comes along with the whole bbq experience. all the chummy hanging around the grill, drinking brewskies or margaritas? it's the best and Rielly looks like he is too? Thanks for popping in on us recently. best, s