Thursday, April 30, 2009

And Dorothy Lives On

Yesterday, we ALMOST Lost Dorothy AGAIN! Dorothy (as Lauren affectionately calls him) is our Siamese Fighting Fish. About 3 years ago, as part of a loot bag from one of my nephew's birthday parties, my 3 boys each got a Siamese Fighting Fish. Two of them died not to long after we brought them home but one, the sickly looking one (I think it was a female because the colors weren't as vivid), lived for about 19 months. One morning, Dorothy was just lying on its side at the bottom of his tank. I quickly flushed him down the toilet (what else do you do with a dead fish - I suppose I could have put him in the compost??) before Lauren noticed. Since we had the food and the little tank already, we went and bought another one and then another and another and another over a very short time.

A few months had gone by and Dorothy #2 was healthy as ever. Then one day, Dorothy #2 was having his water changed over the kitchen sink. She was a healthy, fine looking specimen. A very nice blue and had grown a little since we brought her home a few months before. As I was pouring the water out of her bowl, a little too quickly I suppose, Dorothy #2 flopped out into the bottom of the sink. I continued to pour the remaining water out of the bowl only to find the Dorothy was pushed by the current towards the drain. I quickly tried to rescue him but he wriggled out of my pincer grasp and OOOPPPS! down the drain. I told Lauren that Dorothy went home to visit her family, to see her brothers and sisters. She was good with that.

When I went to the pet store to get a new imposter, the sales lady asked if I needed any food. I explained that there had been an accident in the sink. She said, "Oh yeah, we have lots of those happening!" Dorothy #3 almost didn't make it as I put it in the stroller basket and collapsed the stroller on it. I'm so stupid that I didn't even notice until I got home and went inside with the rest of my purchases. The fish actually survived the ride home without any water in a broken container! His damaged gills from the lack of oxygen must've led to it's demise and #4 died within a couple of days for whatever reason. Frustrated, I ended up throwing out the whole fish bowl. I gave up on fish! At least I thought I did...

Last week, my hubby took a rainy day off and took Lauren to the pet store to "look". He said that she was SO excited when she saw the fighting fishes. She spotted a blue one and said, "Oh look! There's Dorothy with her brothers and sisters! She can come home with me now?" I asked hubby if he couldn't have picked a better looking one. He said there was no holding her back. She was SO SURE this was Dorothy and held on to him for fear that daddy was going to leave her there. It's a good thing I didn't throw out the food. I had to bring out the original old tried and true Ikea square vase.

Two days ago, when I was changing her water, over the sink again, but this time put her in a holding container by the sink. Live and learn, right? Well, while I'm cleaning the bowl, Lauren gets a stool and climbs up to observe. After all, she'll be doing this for her pet one day. I hear a little gasp. Lauren is speechless and pointing into the bottom of the other sink. Before I get a chance to look over, I hear her little wimper and low and behold, Dorothy #5 is at the bottom of the sink wriggling around again. Lauren had knocked over the cup into the sink and was frightened by the sight. I calmy plugged the drain and managed to pluck the wriggling fish to safety.

And so, Dorothy lives on... "I will vow to make sure you don't ever go down the drain to visit your family and I will keep your water clean while you are safely in a holding container, and fish out the many extra food pellets that Lauren thinks you need each day." Long live Dorothy #5!!


  1. Wow! Good thing you were able to save Dorothy #5. Lauren is so sweet and loving to her pets.

  2. Too funny! I would have given up after Dorothy #3. Tell hubby to keep her out of the pet store next time!