Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Whole Can of Worms

With the crazy winter weather we had last year, we had some major leaking in our master bedroom ceiling last winter. The fact that we had a new roof put on about 2 years before, lead us to believe that the roofing company that we used did a poor job. After the initial panic and clean up, and my heart dropping to the floor at the thought of the repair bill, I called the roofer to come and have a look. He said that because of the unusual sudden warm weather causing quick thaw of the ice and snow in a valley on our roof, the water had no place to go but up and under the shingles and down into the house through any which way it could seep. There was nothing that could be done to prevent it except for heating coils.

When we decided to replace our main floor ceramics, we also repaired all of the ceilings on the main floor which had water damage due to the kids' over zealous bath time fun over the last few years. We also though we might as well fix the damage from last winter in our master bedroom including this major damage in our master bedroom. With stucco ceilings, the contractor did a pretty good job matching the stipples and colour. WOW! Finally, almost back to normal except for the walls. I'll get to that when I have time to paint one day.

Procrastination doesn't pay off. Doubtful about the information the roofer told us and keeping our fingers crossed in case in fact he wasn't fooling us, we didn't rush out and buy the heating coils that we were recommended. We thought, "What are the chances of that happening again. The house is 25 years old and it's never happened before."

About three weeks ago, we had another quick thaw. Well, Guess what? 350 bucks down the drain, that's what! Hubby was going upstairs to watch a little TV and instead, he watched water dripping from the ceiling. That night, I didn't get a good night's sleep. I was up half of the night listening to the drip, drip, drip what was sounding more like, dollars, dollars, dollars, to me. With the constant dripping and pieces of plaster falling into the bucket, how could I possibly sleep??

We did however, finally learn our lesson and had someone come and put the heating coils up on our rooftop and run the cables through our eavestroughs and out through the drainpipes. Hopefully, this will never happen again. For now, we'll just have to live with the damage until we get someone in to repair it at a later date. Why is it that when you think everything is fine, something else happens to pull you back down??


  1. That looks ugly!! And expensive! Houses just love to suck up all your money.

  2. Oh my! I hope the heating coils will prevent this from happening again.