Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sandwich Cutters - Gee, I must say, these are VERY cute!

(Yes, they look like boring sandwiches but this is how they (and myself) like 'em - mayo or margarine with coldcuts only!)

Someone invented these especially for children like mine - kids that don't like eating the crust of sandwich bread! My cousin discovered this cool gadget and we "had" to get it. So the search was on about a month ago. The thing is, we couldn't find a site that offered these in Canada for a reasonable price plus reasonable shipping. Then the next thing we had to look for was a company that offered the shapes we each, at a reasonalbe price and shipping. So, to get these at a reasonable price, the shopping network alert is sounded, we order in bulk, find a company that will charge a flat rate for shipping, bringing our costs down.

It's something that I know is going to be available at the dollar store as a knock-off next week. The quality may not be the same, but it'll work just the same. For some things, quality isn't always an issue. It always happens to me when I buy something, I find something that is comparable with a substantial savings but then can't justify buying it again just because it's CHEAP! (Ok, sometimes, I hear myself saying, "...but it was SO CHEAP!" )

So, what was I talking about again? Yes, the Dino Bytes and Dolphin Bytes nifty sandwich bread crust remover. So, my brother came back for a short visit a month early due to unexpected circumstances. Yes, we were happy to see him, but also happy to see that he was bearing our cutters as well.

Guess what my kids had for lunch today??? You guessed it! Dino cut sandwiches for the boys and dolphin cut for the girl. They were as excited as I was. The plastic is more durable and the cutter fit the bread almost perfectly leaving not too much waste. When I make sandwiches without crusts, I usually remove the crust first. For obvious reasons, with these cutters, you have to stack the sandwiches and then you have possibly waste of the luncheon meats. Today there was no waste because my Nicholas was trying the new gadget out and he cleaned up the stray meat!

Will it make the sandwich taste any better? Probably not, but psychologically, yes. Which means they may eat the whole thing today though. If they eat the whole thing today, that means they'll eat less dinner. Dinner is more costly, so I won't have to cook as much. If I don't have to cook as much, that would mean my grocery bill will come down a bit. This will be enough to justify the $12 (including the US-Cdn$ exchange rate at time of purchase plus shipping for the two cutters) to my husband for these plastic molds! Hummph! But we all know in this household, there is no justifying anything (except to myself) and they will eat just as much so, it's again, only in my dreams that the grocery bill will ever come down with a teenage boy and two boys approaching their teenage years. I had good intentions though... : )


  1. It's true...husbands never believe our reasoning anyway when it comes to our purchases. Cute sandwich cutters and I love that it doesn't waste much. I'm sure you will come up with some use for the crusts.

  2. When the local farm (Lionel's Pony Farm) opens up again for visitors, I will begin to save my bread crusts and vegetable scraps to feed their animals. For now, everything is just composted.