Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sam's Club Closing in Canada? Boo Hoo... : (

Today while I was waiting for my daughter at gymnastics class, my cousin called and left me a message on my cell. She called again but this time I picked it up. The excitement in her voice was unmistakable - it was like she was announcing that she had won last night's $17 million lottery!! Out of desperation, her mind has been working overtime these last few days. Her persistence paid off - she has once again succeeded in causing me and herself, to spend more money!!

After the news broke last Thursday, everyone, myself included, probably panicked and thought they'd better rush over to get the items that they normally buy from Sam's that Costco doesn't carry. Low and behold, my heart dropped at the scene in the parking lot - it was full and people were circling for a spot! They had already had their liquidation signs up, all the bargain hunters were out, and all cashes operating at full force. That was pretty disappointing since I only wanted to stock up on the items that I regularly used. The lines were SO LONG - probably going 3/4 up the aisles, that I just wasn't in the mood to shop.

On Sunday morning, I had to literally shake myself awake. I had a terrible nightmare! I was lining up to pay at Sam's Club and I decided to go back for two cooked prime ribs, a cooked turkey and a couple of racks of baby backribs. It smelled SO GOOD, I couldn't pass it up. And with the meats at 40% discount, how could I say NO?? I thought we'd eat what we can and freeze the rest. But while I watched the lady package my items in paper bags and burnt her fingers, I ran back to my space in line and was VERY upset that I was bumped to the back of the line. At this point, I thought to my inner self "This has gotta stop! Wake up, dumb-dumb!! It's not real! You really did pass up on the discounted meats because of the line-ups at the meat counter doors on Friday!!" Oh well, at least I got the meat without a fight in my dreams...

The truth of the matter is, I have to confess that I was just as desperate as my cousin was, to get to shop there again. After finding out the news that on Monday March 2, the stores would only be opened to BUSINESS Club Members only, I was thinking fast and furious about how we could go visit just one more itty bitty time and the turmoil this news has caused us!

After my daughter's gymnastics class, I went to pick up my girlfriend and instead of heading over to the mall, we headed straight for Sam's Club in Richmond Hill. I was happy to see that it was NOWHERE near what it was like last Friday afternoon. I can't complain...I spent $300 over the last two trips there, but my deep freezer is again full of good foods like maui maui, calamari, meatballs, chicken fillets, beef sirloin, honey garlic chicken wings, apple pies, shrimps, and more!!

Some of you may be wanting to tell me to "Get a life!" but the fact is, that this is a part of my job - to feed my family with good nutritious complete meals, and watch the family budget.

I do wish 250 people that this store employed good luck in finding something else soon.

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  1. Hey, great to know that I'm not the only one who gets so excited over great sales. It's too bad that this one is due to a liquidation/closure (which was really sad to hear as I do like Sam's Club). As for the employees there I was told that they will be employed at the various Walmarts and Walmart Supercentres.