Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Littlest Helper? (see photo on right)

My littlest helper, yesterday she was NOT! You see, this little Lauren is a very busy girl. She is curious and is fast moving. We call her the resident monkey. She has been a climber from the day she found her balance. She took off like a dart and hasn't stopped since!

While I was preparing the chicken, I placed the onion powder dispenser on the island where she can easily curl her little toes to wrap around each drawer pull. Well, she did just that and tried to pry the lid off. As she did, with a little bit too much force, guess what happened??

I guess one thing came of it - I ended up vacuuming all the crud off the entire main floor. So, for a few hours this morning, if you happen to be at our house, you can walk around without a pair of slippers on and not have anything stick to the bottom of your feet!!

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