Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging? Why?? - my Ryan asks...

Over the weekend, my teenage son, Ryan was looking over my shoulder while I was on the computer and ask, "Mom, you do this for money?!" but not in a Wow!-that's-so-great kind of way. It was more of a sarcastic remark as in a "why-bother?" kind of way. Ryan has always has been very curious and wise child. From a very young age, he would figure out ways of getting away with something by thinking he was outsmarting us. What he didn't know and sometimes still doesn't understand is that there are reasons for rules and laws and not following rules can possibly result in serious consequences and/or dangerous situations.

When I enrolled him into skating lessons at the tender age of 3, there was a ratio of about 1 adult to 5 or 6 kids. He would be taken onto the ice by the instructor to join the other children and he would skate right back off again. Over and over until they just gave up on him. With a baby in tow, I didn't have the energy after two or three lessons to continue to be towing them back and forth each week to witness the same painful scene any longer. He won that year but I'd try again in a couple of years with hockey instead.

When he started hockey at around 6 years old, it was really quite embarrassing. The puck would be at the other end of the rink, along with the 9 other kids chasing it (rules weren't enforced yet), and where was my Ryan? Skating in little circles with his stick lagging behind him or in the wrong hand, or just standing there waiting for them to bring the puck back his way. His reasoning, is that he isn't the fastest skater, so by the time he skates towards it, the puck would've been shot off into another direction and the whole exercise would begin again. I think he missed the point of the game... He thought he was wasting his time and energy. What was he saving either for anyway? He was only 6 and had plenty of both in store.

Ryan used to leave the school yard when he attended the local elementary school. Till this day, he still refuses to go to public washrooms. I first noticed this when he was around 2-1/2 years old. I took him to the local farm and he REALLY had to go. He would not no matter how much I insisted, go into one of the port-a-potties. Who would blame him though? So, when he got a little older and attended school full time, he would run home through the pathway onto our street to use the toilet at home. I tried to explain to him that there was a safety issue here but he just "didn't get it." He just kept insisting, "There's not going to be a fire or something. Nothing ever happens at school." When he went to overnight camp one summer when he was around 8 years old, he refused to do a "no. 2" because that would mean going into the washrooms. This kid, for a week, peed outdoors and didn't shower at all during his stay!! Imagine the stench! I'm sure I threw the clothes on his back away but this made for little laundry.

He is easily influenced by marketing campaigns. The more expensive the better it is. If he's heard of it, then it's good. It just has to be. It said so on TV. Ryan is a marketer's dream. I remember when he was about 3 years old, he came running down the stairs screaming, "Mom, we have to get one of those!" What? What is it that was SO great and we had to have? He was watching an infomercial on the Red Devil BBQ. He said, " We have to get one because it can do aaannnything!" It was really cute when he said that. The excitement in his voice and determination was unmistakeable. If he had a credit card, he would've order 10 of them, I'm sure.

Just the other day, during his spring break, we decided to treat him to Wendy's, a fast-food hamburger chain. When you go to a steakhouse, it's probably because you want a steak, a seafood house, for fish, etc. But today, instead of a hamburger, he wanted to try their NEW fish burger. Why? He just saw it on TV!

The other day, he said he wants his driver's permit but he's not sure if it's really worthwhile. Everyone knows why there are stages in attaining a driver's license. Not Ryan. He thinks that a driver's permit is of no use because he can't drive by himself anyway! I didn't feel I should have to explain so I just shook my head and roll my eyes at this one. What I really felt like doing was giving him a shake!

Studies have shown that kids that spend more energy trying to avoid doing something are actually VERY intelligent. This is because they actually have figured out why it would be a waste of energy to do something that has no results, or poor results. If IQ tests were given based on these facts, Ryan would be deemed a genius! In fact, as I stated already, he really is very intelligent. If only he would put his smarts and apply it to common sense sometimes, it would make him perfect! Today, he thinks he can manipulate a situation in pretty much the same way. "Persistence will win", is his motto, I'm sure. If this is his life's rule, then he will be successful in whatever he chooses. One thing is for sure, you won't find him blogging if he doesn't think he can make him a million bucks within the first week of opening shop.

So, back to the original question of why am I blogging...I don't think people do this for the money or to become famous. Obviously, I don't dream that I'll ever be able to earn enough money from doing something like this to even treat myself to a luxurious vacation to an Islands one winter with the family anytime soon. Although I might earn enough in a year for a nice dinner with the family. Everyone has their reasons for doing or not doing something. Mine happens to be that I think that this is a no-brainer and it actually helps me relax a bit while having fun. I get to type out anything I want to and express my feelings and share my recipes and ideas with others, although I wonder if anyone reads this at all. But the bottom line is that it doesn't matter. It only matters that I am having fun doing it. For myself.


  1. You're right, I enjoy blogging because it's almost like a journal - to document things we want as well as share our thoughts. Blogging is an outlet for us moms.

    Thanks for sharing stories about your son.

  2. It's true. It's fun trying to amuse myself and others with my stories.